jMonkeyEngine SDK: Scene Explorer


About the SceneExplorer window

The SceneExplorer gives you a structural overview of the currently edited scene and is active among all plugins

Most plugins will deliver their own UI elements to modify the scene so the SceneExplorer is more of a global tool. The simple SceneComposer however heavily relies on its functions as other plugins might too in the future.

Using the SceneExplorer

The SceneExplorer displays Nodes in a tree that represents the tree of Spatials in your scene. Spatial controls, lights and geometry meshes are also displayed in the tree.

SceneExplorer works in conjunction with SceneComposer, the default editor for J3O files in the jMonkeyEngine IDE. If SceneExplorer doesn’t appear when you select “Edit” in SceneComposer, choose Window → SceneExplorer from the menu bar to reveal the window.

Editing Objects in the scene

  1. Select a node in the SceneExplorer window (Open via Window→SceneExplorer if not open)

  2. Edit the node in the Properties window (Open via Window→Properties if not open)

  3. You can rename a Spatial by right clicking it or by slowly double-clicking the node

Reorganizing Objects in the scene

  1. You can cut, copy and paste Nodes in the SceneExplorer with the normal keyboard commands or the right-click menu of the Nodes

  2. You can move single object within the SceneExplorer tree by dragging&dropping them

Adding Objects to the scene

Right-click a Spatial or Node in the SceneExplorer to add other Spatials like ParticleEmitters or Lights, you can also add UserData to a Spatial that can be read during runtime.