Slider Class

The Slider class provides the same 3 common constructors shown in the Quick Start Guide with the addition of two extra parameters.

  • The orientation of the Slider

  • A boolean flag telling the control whether or not the track should “surround” the thumb.

The additional parameter are appended to the existing parameter list for all 3 constructors, like so:

  * Parameters:
  * Screen screen
  * String UID
  * Vector2f position
  * Slider.Orientation orientation
  * boolean trackSurroundsThumb
Slider slider1 = new Slider(
    new Vector2f(15, 15),

Abstract Event Methods:

public void onChange(int selectedIndex, String value);

Methods specific to the Slider class:

// Adding/removing step values
slider1.addStepValue(String value);
slider1.removeStepValue(String value);

// Selected values

You can set the select Sliders position and selected value using:

slider1.setSelectedIndex(int selectedIndex)