RadioButtonGroup Class

  • Manages the interaction between any number of Button derived classes

  • Provides the abstract method onSelect for executing code when a Radio Button is selected by the user.

Sample Usage:

/** Parameters:
  * Screen screen,
  * String UID,
  * Form form
RadioButtonGroup rbg = new RadioButtonGroup(screen, "rbg") {
	public void onSelect(int index, Button value) {
/** Parameters:
  * Vector2f position
  * String caption
  * Object value
rbg.addButton(new ButtonAdapter(screen, new Vector2f(10,10));
rbg.addButton(new CheckBox(screen, new Vector2f(10,30));
rbg.addButton(new RadioButton(screen, new Vector2f(10,50));
rbg.setDisplayElement(null); // null adds the button list to the screen layer

Abstract Event Methods:

public void onSelect(int index, Button value);

Methods Specific to the CheckBox Class:

// Adds all radio buttons as children of specified Element.  Use null to add to screen
rbg.setDisplayElement(Element element);

// Selects a radio button via code
rbg.setSelected(int index);
rbg.setSelected(Button button);