DragElement Class

Contrary to hearsay, the DragElement is <strong>NOT</strong> a male Element dressed in women’s clothing. It simply provides an easy-to-use Element pre-configured for managing Drag & Drop interaction, with a few extra features.

The DragElement class uses the single constructor of the Element class and configures the Element to:


It also provides a way of managing multiple drop elements and reacting to the appropriately.

Enable/Disable the DragElement

dragEl.setIsEnabled(boolean isEnabled);

Managing Drop Elements

// Add an element as a valid drop Element
dragEl.addDropElement(Element element);

// Retrieve an element(s)
dragEl.getDropElements(); // Return all drop elements
dragEl.getDropElement(int index); // Returns a single drop element by index

// Remove drop elements
dragEl.removeDropElement(int index);
dragEl.removeDropElement(Element element);

Responding to Incorrect Drops

// Enable/disable springback (returns drag element to original position)
dragEl.setUseSpringBack(boolean useSpringBack);

// Use SlideTo effect when springback is called
dragEl.setUseSpringBackEffect(boolean useSpringBackEffect);

Responding to Correct Drops

//Position the DragElement in the center of drop element
dragEl.setUseLockToDropElementCenter(boolean lockToDropElementCenter);

// Use SlideTo effect when centering
dragEl.setUseLockToDropElementEffect(boolean useLockToDropElementEffect);

Abstract Event Methods

public abstract void onDragStart(MouseButtonEvent evt);
public abstract void onDragEnd(MouseButtonEvent evt, int index, Element dropElement);