Entity System Zay-ES

Entity Systems are a new way of organising your game data.

The basic idea comes from the famous t-machine article about entity systems as a possibility for mmorpg development. Zay-ES is pspeed’s Entity System which he uses for his game Mythruna. Entity Systems aim to make your project more clear and dynamic.

Entity System Introduction

If you are new to this topic you should read:

Read this if you want to look carefully at the design of a general ES and compare between different projects.

Zay-ES Tutorials

Zay-ES Examples

In the future, more examples will be added to help with solving problems the Entity System way.

Zay-ES Forum

A lot of very up-to-date information on the Zay-ES entity system can be found on the jME3 Forum. There are example projects, example code, and a lot of general help.

Zay-ES Download

Zay-ES can be downloaded via SVN from https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es

It also now available as a jMonkey SDK plugin.