Anisotropic Filtering for Textures

Anisotropic Filtering is very important for Desktop Games and their textures. Most games use AnisotropicFiltering = 4/8/16. It sharpens your textures under different Angle View. Anisotropy makes a performance draw back about 10-40 fps, but the result looks much better.


JME has DEFAULT AnisotropicFiltering = 0. So, if you make a game for Windows/Linux/Mac.. you need to set the Anisotropic Filtering more than 0.

Example how to set AnisotropicFiltering = 8 for all textures:

        AssetEventListener asl = new AssetEventListener() {
            public void assetLoaded(AssetKey key) {
//                throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet.");

            public void assetRequested(AssetKey key) {
                if (key.getExtension().equals("png") || key.getExtension().equals("jpg") || key.getExtension().equals("dds")) {
                    TextureKey tkey = (TextureKey) key;

            public void assetDependencyNotFound(AssetKey parentKey, AssetKey dependentAssetKey) {
//                throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet.");