Maven Artifacts

You can build jME3 projects using Maven-compatible build systems.

Artifacts for recent releases are available from the Maven Central Repository:

  • link:

The group id for all jME3 libraries is org.jmonkeyengine.

The following artifacts are available:

  • jme3-android - Android platform support

  • jme3-android-native - Native libraries for Android platforms

  • jme3-blender - Asset loader Blender models

  • jme3-bullet - Physics library using native Bullet

  • jme3-bullet-native - Native libraries for Bullet physics on desktop platforms

  • jme3-bullet-native-android - Native libraries for Bullet physics on Android platforms

  • jme3-core - Core functionality needed in all jME3 projects

  • jme3-desktop - Desktop platform support (Windows, Linux, and macOS)

  • jme3-effects - Extra special effects, including water and other post filters

  • jme3-ios - iOS platform support

  • jme3-jbullet - Physics library using jBullet

  • jme3-jogg - Asset loader for the Ogg audio format

  • jme3-jogl - Interface to JOGL

  • jme3-lwjgl - Interface to LWJGL v2

  • jme3-lwjgl3 - Interface to LWJGL v3

  • jme3-networking - Networking library (aka SpiderMonkey)

  • jme3-niftygui - NiftyGUI support for jME3

  • jme3-plugins - Extra asset loaders for glTF, Ogre XML, and jME XML formats

  • jme3-terrain - Terrain library (aka TerraMonkey)

  • jme3-vr - Support for virtual reality

For a basic desktop application, you need at least:

  • jme3-core

  • jme3-desktop

  • jme3-lwjgl OR jme3-lwjgl3

For a basic Android application, you need at least:

  • jme3-core

  • jme3-android

  • jme3-android-native


repositories {

def jme3 = [v:'3.3.2-stable', g:'org.jmonkeyengine']
dependencies {
    implementation "${jme3.g}:jme3-core:${jme3.v}"
    runtimeOnly "${jme3.g}:jme3-desktop:${jme3.v}"
    runtimeOnly "${jme3.g}:jme3-lwjgl:${jme3.v}"