How to integrate your own jME3 compile in jMonkeyEngine SDK projects

  1. Download jme3 project

  2. Make your changes

  3. Compile jme3 project

  4. Go to Tools  Libraries

  5. Press New Library

  6. Name it “jme3-modified”

  7. Press Add Jar/Folder

  8. Select all JAR files from the dist dir of the compiled jme3 version

  9. Add the src folder of the jme3 project in the “sources” tab

  10. Optionally javadoc in the “javadoc” tab

  11. Press OK

  12. RMB select your project and choose “Properties”

  13. Select “Libraries” to the left

  14. Remove the “jme3” library

  15. Press Add Library and select the “jme3-modified” library