Blender Buffer Clearing

Before exporting your Blender models, its is recommended that you clean the buffers of any unneeded Action, Material, Texture or UV Image. This is a straight forward process that only takes a few minutes. Failure to do so can lead you into a morass of problems, like having more than one AnimControl, duplicate materials and textures, wasted space from worthless images, just to mention a few potential troubles.

Material, Texture, UV Image Buffers

  1. Open the UV Image Editor, Material Tab or Texture Tab.

  2. Select the Browse button located next to the material, texture or UV Image name to load the item to be cleared.

  3. While holding Shift down, click the X button, also known as the Unlink datablock button, located next to the loaded item. An item that is unlinked will show a 0 before it when viewed by selecting the Browse button and will not be saved if you exit Blender.

  4. Save your file.

  5. From the Info header select File  Open Recent  Your Saved File, to close and re-open your file.

The exception to this rule is the Linked Action buffer, for animations, located in the Dope Sheet Editor.

The Linked Action Buffer

  1. In the Dope Sheet Editor, change the context to Action Editor.

  2. Click the Action to be linked button and select the action you want cleared.

  3. Deselect the F button to prevent it from saving.

  4. Change the editor type from Dope Sheet to NLA Editor. You will see the action listed.

  5. Click the button next to the action to push it into the stack.

  6. Click the small start next to the track name.

  7. With the mouse inside the NLA Track List,  press X to delete both the track and strip.

  8. Save your file.

  9. From the Info header, select File  Open Recent  Your Saved File.

  10. Save your file again.

  11. From the Info header, select File  Open Recent  Your Saved File again.

  12. Change back to the Dope Sheet Editor.

  13. Click the Browse Action to be linked button and you will see only the baked action remains and the buffer is now clear of unwanted actions. Select your action.

  14. Save your file.