How to report bugs against the jMonkeyEngine

Even if you cannot contribute patches and plugins, you can still help a lot by reporting bugs and helping us improve existing features.

To file a bug report, you must have a github account. If that’s something you are strongly opposed to, you may file a report by posting in our forum for jME3. We do highly prefer the Github issue tracker though. Note that for troubleshooting, the forum is the preferred way.

Filing a new issue to github

  1. Navigate to jMonkeyEngine’s issues list.

  2. Carefully search through existing jME3 issues. Is your issue not listed? Please continue.

  3. Press the new issue button in the top right corner, or use this direct link to file a new issue.

  4. Fill in the form using the bug report template bellow, and click on "Submit new issue" when you’re done.

Filing a new issue in the ‘contribution depot’

You need a registered account on our forum to post a new thread.

Please make a descriptive title for your post, and use the template below.

Bug Report Template

  • What did you intend to do, what was the expected outcome?

  • What outcome do you experience instead?

  • What steps will reproduce the problem?

  • What version of the product(s) are you using? Please copy build details from jMonkeyEngine’s About Screen!

  • On what operating system?

  • Please provide any additional information. (e.g. your hardware specs and Java version).