jMonkeyEngine3 File Formats

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Binary 3D model or scene. At the latest from the Beta release of your game on, you should convert all models to .j3o format.
During alpha and earlier development phases (when models still change a lot) you can alternatively load OgreXML/OBJ models directly.


A custom Material. You can create a .j3m file to store a Material configuration for a Geometry (e.g. 3D model).


A Material definition. These are pre-defined templates for shader-based Materials.
Each custom .j3m Material is based on a material definition. Advanced users can create their own material definitions.


A custom post-processor filter configuration. You can create a .j3f file to store a FilterPostProcessor with a set of preconfigured filters.

Supported External File Types

File SuffixTypeDescription
.mesh.xml, .meshxml

3D model

Ogre Mesh XML


3D scene

Ogre DotScene


3D model



3D model

Blender version 2.49 onwards (tested up to 2.78c)


3D model

Blender version 2.74, see: .xbuf forum post

.gltf, .bin, .glb, custom extensions

3D model

Blender version 2.78c onwards, see: .gltf forum post


3D model

Imported via Blender bundled with the SDK


3D model

Imported via Blender bundled with the SDK

.JPG, .PNG, .GIFimageTextures, icons


Direct Draw Surface texture



High Dynamic Range texture



Targa Image File texture



Portable Float Map texture


bitmap font

AngelCode font for GUI and HUD



Wave music and sounds



OGG Vorbis music and sounds