Dear monkeys,

Long time ago I planed to make tutorial series in making games in JME3 and done some examples. I waited for our project to reach a stable status. May be now is the best time to show them up! A lot of changes have been make to the core and also a lot of excited and amazing contributions into the world of JME this day (you can name some).

OK, my project had changed to Atomix Tutorial Series (short as ATS).

These tutorials will lead you through adventures in game devlopment in some games and genres. I will try to get much detail as I can. Hopefully this will become a valuable guidebook for monkeys want to join the jungle! emoji:smile

Contact me as @atomix in the forum

I decided not to do the voice since it will make you guys too difficult to flow cause I’m not a native speaker. So i will write the tutorials down step by step and also do slideshows and videos for them. Typos correction are always welcome ! emoji:

If you are very new to Java, it’s not recommend for you to take these tutorials at first.

They require quite advanced techniques, suited for advanced Java developer which new to game programming, or one come from other engine. They are writen detailed and intended like to squeeze all the juice out of the things.


  • Chapter 1 : Card Game cardsgame

  • Chapter 2 : RPG Game - Blade of the immortal bladegame

  • Chapter 3 : Shot-em-all - FPS game shootemgame

  • Chapter 4 : Mayan boy - 3D Platform Puzzle game mayangame

  • Chapter 5 : EuroKick - Sport management game (Soccer) kickgame

  • Chapter 6 : RTS Multiplayer game - HeavenRTS heavenrtsgame

  • Chapter 7 : Ancient Monkey world mmorpg

  • Chapter 8 : GreenBeret greenberet

  • Chapter 9 : Prince of dark prince

Extra stuffs:


Card game:


Blade of the immortals bladegame


Euro Kick


Heaven – RTS Game.