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SDK Documentation

Tutorials for Beginners

The beginner tutorials demonstrate the most common use cases and explain basic concepts. We encourage you to run the sample codes and experiment with them. All example code is included in the jMonkeyEngine SDK: Simply create a new project from the JmeTests template. To start writing your own projects, create a new file from the BasicGame template. Note that Test apps in this example project are not necessarily the recommended way to build an app with JME, they are just simple one class test case that showcase a feature.

Press F1 in the jMonkeyEngine SDK to browse and search a copy of this wiki’s contents while coding. The help documents in the SDK always match the version that you currently use. The wiki is updated for the latest development version of jME3.


Documentation for Intermediate Users

Now that you understood the basics, let’s put it all together. The following intermediate articles help you to understand how to use these concepts in context.

Video Use Case Tutorials

These videos use alpha features only available in the next release.

Learn from sample code in src/main/java/jme3test (also available in the sdk by File ▸ New Project ▸ JME3 Tests) and the example games provided by the community!

Documentation for Advanced Users

Now that you understand the concepts, it’s time to make the most of the jMonkeyEngine. Deep-dive into the API and learn about all options, including less commonly used advanced methods. Don’t over-extend yourself, developing a good game requires time and dedication. One step at a time, champ! :)

Custom Rendering

Android specific development

Virtual Reality & Simulation

Sample Projects

  • JmeTests – The “official” sample project JmeTests.

  • BookSamples – Some more jME3 code samples

These code examples are not supported by the core team and we cannot guarantee their correctness:


jME3 is in development; if a tutorial doesn’t work as expected, try using the latest daily build. If that doesn’t “fix” it then: