jMonkeyEngine Documentation

This documentation wiki contains installation and configuration guides, jME coding tutorials and other information that will help you get your game project going. You can search the contents of this wiki using the search box in the upper right.

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Before installing, check the license, features, and requirements. Then choose one of these options:

Recommended Optional Optional
You want to… Get started with jMonkeyEngine Use jMonkeyEngine in another IDE Build custom engine from sources
Then download… jMonkeyEngine SDK Binaries Sources (Subversion)
You receive… Sources, binaries, javadoc, SDK Latest stable binary build, sources, javadoc. Sources
Learn more here… Using the SDK
Project Creation
Setting up jME3 with maven compatible IDEs *
Setting up JME3 in the NetBeans IDE *
Setting up JME3 in the Eclipse IDE *
Setting up JME3 in the Eclipse IDE (with Android and/or JNI/NDK) *
Building JME3 from the Sources
Building JME3 from the sources with NetBeans
Setting up JME3 on the commandline

(*) The SDK creates Ant-based projects that any Java IDE can import. We recommend users of other IDEs to also download the jMonkeyEngine SDK and choose “File→Import Project→External Project Assets” to create a codeless project for managing assets only. This way you can code in the IDE of your choice, and use the SDK to convert your models to .j3o format.



Are you an experienced Java developer who wants to add new features or contribute patches to the jME3 project?


You are welcome to contribute and inquire about the project: Please contact the developers or ask on the forums.